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“We are here to assist you on your journey through the universe of ideas & solutions, and to make this quest as easy and fast as possible. Whatever star you wish on, we will lead you there, and you will proudly say »this is my shining star“.

Among the stars, we grant your wishes.

We are curious explorers. Passion and courage are our guides as we embark on these complex missions. We understand client and user needs.

Our task is to unite business goals and creativity to design a unique product that gives your brand more than just aesthetic value. Years of experience have taught us that cooperation and open communication bring the best results – we listen carefully and create timeless design solutions.


We create Supernova with your ideas.

icons_Artboard 1_animated


How do you recognize a person in charge on a spaceship?

Simple! Capitan wears a prominent symbol on a uniform.

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How do we attract astronauts attention to our mission?

Simple! With an compelling story and interesting (attractive) design.

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How does an astronaut spend his time before take off into the unknown?

Simple! He journeys through interesting web pages on his smartphone.

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How does capitan of the ship decide what he will eat?

Simple! He chooses the most attractive package of pasta with pesto sauce.


Passengers from our successful missions.



Client: ATG Zupan d.o.o.

Mission: New Brand Identity

Recap: The visual representation of their brand identity is a round sign. It symbolizes a fluid mix of two colors. Our client/company presented us with this idea, and we immediately recognized that color mixing is core to their work. The logo communicated the activities and the company story.


Client: Boris Špehar s.p.

Mission: Visual Image for Brand Emmon

Recap: We designed a visual image for the brand Emmon, a company which owns a persimmon plantation and produces a persimmon alcohol beverage. At the center of creative process was a Celtic Tree of Life (the company's logo). The idea for the logo was born at Celtic Archeological Site which is near the persimmon plantation.


Client: Aleksandra Obersnu s.p.

Mission: Visual Image of Digital App Kids4square

Recap: Our space expedition dove into a playful kids world. The goal of our mission was to design visual images and concepts for Kids4square digital application (app). We also created logos, designed business materials, leaflets presentation, t-shirts and custom icons for web.


Client: Mob4u d.o.o

Mission: Toys4u Online and Physical Store Rebuild

Recap: We updated the client's logo, marketing materials, selling catalogs and rebuilt the online and physical store. The client's wish was to convey child tenderness in all elements. Tenderness was communicated with colors and design. We also refreshed the existing logo, Jack in The Box and created a modern, playful image of him.


Client: Tela VItal d.o.o.

Mission: Brand Identity Rebuild

Recap: A company offering in-house professional business trainings decided to rebuild their business identity. We updated their logo (arrow in the target) and diversified it, refreshed business and marketing materials, and created an extensive power point template which is an important element of their company services and training programs.


Client: Rotar d.o.o.

Mission: Package Design & Creating Brand Image (brand Bubas Happiness)

Recap: We developed a visual image and a package image for the pet food brand. Our inspiration came from an idea of a happy house pet (we named him Buba - now brand name) and his caretaker who is loving and gives to a pet only the highest quality food. Types of pet food were arranged in packages with different colors.


Client: Boris Špehar s.p.

MiMissionsija: Package Design

Recap: We designed several unique packages for different high quality natural persimmon products. A special package was developed for a selection of natural juices. We decided on a minimalistic style and gave special attention to orange (persimmon) color on copper-colored print. Black accents were added for elegance.


Client: Gastlog d.o.o.

MiMissionsija: Package Design& Creating Brand Image (brand Special)

Recap: Our creative process was focused on a high product quality: the company offers different types of super foods. The goal was increase visibility, stand out on a sales shelves, and attract customers who search for only high quality organic food. We achieved this goal with a comprehensive brand image.


Client: Merkur

MMissionisija: New Package Design

Recap: Playful package design for Christmas lights were created for a large trading company. Through the creative process, we played with two colors: red (lights for indoor use) and blue (lights for outdoor use). We also conveyed a happy Christmas spirit with a modern, playful and transparant design.


Client: Unichem d.o.o.

Mission: Package Visual Refresh of Brand Ratimor

Recap: Our loyal client asked for visual refresh: new package design and image of brand Ratimor. The challenge was to keep the package attractive for professional and average consumers. We created design that appealed to both. We kept the core of their previous design, while enriching it with a modern look.


Client: Studio Moderna d.o.o.

Mission: Product Catalogs and Templates and Various Print Materials

Recap: We designed a various promotional print materials (fliers, posters, billboards, letters to customers, etc.) for an established Slovenian international company with a long tradition. We also designed catalogs and created catalog templates in different languages for their business units across Europe.


Client: Merkur d.o.o.

Mission: Product Catalogs / Flyers

Recap: Trading company requested a new visual image for a very complex product catalog. The biggest challenge here was to design visually attractive catalog by integrating a perfect balance of all products, texts, technical data and prices. We also developed a visual image for the product package of their own brand.


Client: Biotechnical Faculty

Mission: Designs for Various Print Materials

Recap: We are in the process of creating printed materials about animals in the Slovenian ecosystem for Biotechnical Faculty. Materials have an educational purpose and are for the general public. So far, we created collateral about lynxes, bears and wolves. All materials were designed from existing logo.


Client: Reflecta LED

Mission: Designs for Various Print Materials

Recap: The client wished to keep a prior logo, but asked for a new visual company image. All new creative solutions and graphic materials were prepared in accordance with this – existing logo, new ideas: advertisements, flyers, product catalogs etc. We also shared creative ideas for setting up their fair stands.


Client: Unichem d.o.o

Mission: Designs for Various Print Materials

Recap: We have been working with our loyal client Unichem for more than 10 years. In this period we have creatively supported them - designed visual images for their most recognizable brands: Plantella, BioPlantella, Effect in Ratimor. Since the company is international, we have designed materials in different languages.


Client: Tela VItal d.o.o.

Mission: UX/UI and Webpage Developement

Recap: We developed a new webpage for a company with whom we had previously updated marketing materials and logo. We created an attractive site with a focus on user experience and user interference. We created a unique graphic plug-in and flexible design (which works on all smart devices) and added engaging illustrations.


Client: SC3 Football

Mission: UX/UI and Webpage Developement

Recap: A client decided on a new logo, business materials and webpage. We knew their clients would be present primarily in a digital environment, so all materials were created in accordance with that strategy. We created an exceptional user experience and implemented graphic plug-ins, to deliver a design that works on all smart devices.


Passengers who alreday explored universe with us.

“It is really great to work with Agena. They are fast and responsive. We are probably sometimes a very hard client to work with; nevertheless, they always send us all corrections and files for print on time. I would definitely recommend them, but they still need to have time for us :)“


Mateja Lindič,

Project manager in marketing
Unichem d.o.o.

“Agency Agena designed a package for Christmas product for us. We immediately liked the first design projection they sent to us – it was creative, clear, and we knew our customers will like it too. It was our pleasure to invite them for further and more extensive cooperation. We are looking forward to working with them in the near future.“”


Tjaša Žužek,

Brand Manager garden and season.
Merkur d.o.o.

“In my 15 years of career (product catalog) I have worked with many designers. With no doubt I can say that Agena is by far the best agency – they are professional, creative and flexible. I have been working with them now for many years and I wouldn never replace them!“


Alenka Robežnik,

International creative print manager.
Studio Moderna d.o.o.


Will you soar with us to the stars?
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